A Call to God's Children

How Faith is our Greatest Tool for Peace

What are We Called Too?

Every nation across the globe has divisions between its people. Some are more publicized and extreme, such as, Korea, Rwanda, and Ireland. In this world there are too many people who are hurting within, and harbor hatred towards their fellow man, but there is hope for them.

Why Him?

Desmond Tutu was the Arch Bishop in South Africa during the end of the apartheid. After the end of the apartheid he was commissioned to be the chairman of the Truth and Reconciliation Committee, which was a committee that helped provide closure and true justice for many victims Tutu is an advocate of peace through forgiveness, and his work helped heal his nation and kept it from dividing from within.

What should we do?

People naturally want peace for themselves and their loved ones. Sadly few know what it takes to achieve peace. The method is straight forward trust in God, and use his message of peace through. I encourage you, my brothers and sisters in Christ step out of your comfort zone forgive your enemies and help others follow suit. I challenge you all to find the hatred in your life and reconcile with it. To find your peace and then us that to help others find theirs. Countries will always fight within themselves about many things such as racial prejeduce's and blatant anger for one another. However, we do not need to strike back if they persecute us for our faith, our ethnicity, or our gender. We should strike back with love and compassion be examples of Christ to them.