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Pre K 1 Newsletter

This whole month we will be focusing on Winter!

  • We put up our classroom tree up which we plan to decorate with our arts and craft homemade ornaments
  • So far we have made Ice Crystals with pipe cleaners and beads to go on the tree
  • We have also used toilet paper rolls to create snowmen
  • We have made multiple different types of snowflakes from handprints to cutting coffee filters. They even got to use the GLITTER by themselves, WHOA!
  • We have played in Arctic water and painted Ice (Ms. Karleen's class even shared their faux snow with us.....which now we have to have our own)
  • We have played snowman smash (Bowling)
  • As a class family we made sugar cookies together on Friday which we will decorate on Monday

Learning Through Play Is The Best Way!

Meet Avery Nieves

Avery has just moved up! I warned you that our class size was about to expand, we have lots of little ones growing! This is Avery with her family (Mom, Dad, and Granny) at the Thanksgiving Feast. At this time she was not in our class but what a cute family photo, obviously our food was good ;) Avery is full of energy and likes hands on activities she can be found at the sensory bins on most days!