Learn Along with Your Child

Understanding Your Child's Classroom Setting

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Support the People Who Support Your Students

There will be a 2 hour event for parents who wish to learn more about the strategies used in the classroom to accommodate and support the needs of the students. These concepts are implemented to boost the students' academic performance while promoting a healthy social environment for all students.

Come Eat, Learn and Mingle with US

on August 17, 2016, come join your child's teachers in the LC Pre-K lunchroom and learn more about the strategies used in the classroom to ensure your child's academic progression. This will be the opportunity to get more questions answered if needed. Donuts and assorted refreshmenst will be provided.

Our Highly Qualified Teachers

We Will Have Fun Learning and You will Leave Informed

What We Will Learn

  • Accommodations change how students learn not what they learn.
  • The different types of accommodations.
  • Accommodations are given to students even if they do not have an individualized education plan as long as it deemed necessary.
  • How these accommodations work.

Accomodation Types

Presentation--different ways to present instruction & information.

Response--a different way for students to complete assignments (picture instead of writing)

Setting--Removing the student to a resource room for added focus.

Timing & scheduling--allowing students more time to complete a task as needed.


If additional information or support is needed, please do not hesitate to contact us