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May 9, 2016

A Principal's Perspective

The video commercial below is a great clip of why teachers deserve a big THANK YOU! I want to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for each GP staff member. You are all part of our GP family and you make great things happen for our students. PTO and the office staff worked together to show our appreciation this week. But know, that this thanks continues all through the school year. Our CSISD mission - Success each life...each day...each hour - can't happen without you! Just like the end of the video clip asks, "What amazing things does your teacher do for you?" I love the example from the teacher that says it all... "I am a tree!" Each one of you go above and beyond to dry a tear, to make learning fun and engaging, to laugh, to inspire each day, and to create a school family for each student and staff member. Thank you!!!

Be Legendary - See the possibilities!


Why You Should Thank A Teacher Today

Memorable Morning Assembly

These pictures make me proud! What an honor to have two retired colonels from the local Air Force Association chapter award Sally Hughes a Teacher of the Year Award. Not only that, what a great example for our students to see why we respect our flag and country as we say the pledge. What a kick to have a former yell leader lead us in a yell. He told me that this was the best day ever. He really got teary eyed when expressing his thanks. Colonel Hill was very impressed with the study body. He couldn't believe how quiet and respectful the students were. He was amazed that they do this every morning. What a great way to start a day!

Morning Duties of the Week

Morning Assembly (7:30): 2nd Grade

Gym (7:20): Sullivan

Cafeteria (7:20): McMurry

Bus (7:20 - Buses/ Cafeteria after all buses arrive): Fortner

Parent Drop Off Traffic: Hastings

Parent Drop Off: Seagraves & Shafer

Counselor Schedule: Small Group Instruction

Librarian: GP

Week at a Glance

Faculty Family Party - Tonight at Saddlecreek Pavilion @ 6:00

Happy Mother's Day to all of our GP moms!

Monday: 3rd & 4th Grade Math STAAR, Library Closed

Tuesday: 3rd & 4th Grade Reading STAAR, Library Closed; Campus Council @ 3:20

Wednesday: Running Club 3:00-3:45; Open Tech Support with Parr 3:15-4:00

Thursday: New kinder parent tour at 3:30

Friday: Kinder MUD DAY :); Campus Improvement Meetings during conference 1st - 4th, CAMP (SPED & Specialists, please join a conference if possible)

News & Notes

  • Joy Williams and Elizabeth Simpson were part of the CSISD teacher leader initiative. This year, they explored a topic of interest (analyzing running records for next steps of instruction), created a plan of action, and implemented the plan on our campus. The link to their presentation: Thank you Joy and Elizabeth for your leadership not only at GP but in the district as well!

  • Ipadalooza is coming up in Austin this summer (June 22-24). This is a great opportunity to learn in a fun, "weird", way all about IPads in the classroom. If you would be interested in attending, please let me know. Check it out at the following link:

  • We are now registering for kindergarten students for next year and new students 1st-4th for next year. Enrolling early will help us gauge student enrollment for staffing. Please encourage your neighbors or anyone that you know that is planning to attend GP next year to enroll on-line. Links below:

New Student Registration 1st-4th:

Kinder Registration/Tours

Proud Parents of May College Graduates!

Sam Houston State University:

Ross Bingaman, Jean's son

Shannon Hugghins, Vicki's daughter

Texas A&M University:

- Paige Littlefield, Ruth's daughter

- Ben Hughes, Sally's son

- Kara Slaughter, Donna's daughter

Mustang Yee Haws!

  • Congratulations to Sally Hughes, the recipient of the local chapter of the Air Force Association's Science Teacher of the Year Award!
  • Congratulations to Jessica and Tami's daughters for 8th grade end of the year awards! Avery Seagraves received All A' Honor Roll, Cub Spirit for her team, and Most Outstanding Cross Country! Jensen McMurray received Most Outstanding Theater 2 Student, All A Honor Roll, and Most Outstanding Student!
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Final Countdown

Can it Be? Three more Mondays???

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