Audrey, Shanna, Timmy & Greyson

How roads are built?

First the engineers cleared paths of trees, plants and rocks. Then they filled in any holes. Finally they smoothed the ground until it was level. The finished roads were made of hard packed dirt.

The roads were built for safety and comfort...

The roads were built a few feet off the ground. This is because they put ditches and canals on both sides. This prevented flooding during the rainy seasons. The water would run off the roads into the ditches.

Road Signs

Even in Ancient India they have road signs and signals. The signs along the road told travelers where they were, they also marked off distances so people could calculate the distance they traveled.


The roads increased trade greatly. They allowed traders to move easily from city to city within the empire. Traders could also move goods from the center of the country to important water ways and rivers. There goods could then be shipped and sold to other countries.