Francis Flash

January 4th-January 29th

Real World Writing!

January Writing

Throughout January we have spent our time during writing working on "real world writing". We've talked about and practiced much of the types of writing we see adults use in their everyday lives! We've written notes, lists, book blurbs, letters, goals, and more! It started with our New Year's Resolutions! Look below to see all the work we've done with "Real World Writing" this month!

Pen Pal Letters!

It has been SO MUCH FUN seeing some of your smiling faces at the games!! The high school pen pals love it when they get to meet you! I'm not sure who loves it more - the 1st graders or the freshman!
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Throughout the month of January we have practiced retelling stories. We've spent time identifying the key ideas of a story and then using the key vocabulary to help us retell! We then took this a step further and compared and contrasted the key elements of stories. How are they the same? How are they different? You can try this at home when you are reading!
Comparing and Contrasting Together!
Comparing and Contrasting Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs and The Three Bears


We have spent a great deal of January working on subtracting from teen numbers. When we complete our lesson if there is time remaining the students go to math centers. These centers review previous information we've learned and also give students an opportunity to explore manipulatives and create! Check out some of our math center work below.

A Few More Fun Photos

Thank you!

Thank you for your continued support all year long! We continue to have a blast together each and every day :).