Come ride our camels!!

The Basics

Somalia is located on the Eastern edge of Africa.The weather there is typically hot and dry. However, it can have heavy rain seasons as well. The climate in Somalia is principally deesert conditions. Moderate temperatures in the North and hot temperatures in the South. There is irregular rainfall, and hot and humid periods between monsoons.

How to fit in

Somalians speak four languages, however, the most commonly used are Somali and Arabic. Somalians coordinate arranged marriges where a man pays a bride price (usually in animals or other agriculture). Men are even allowed to have up to four wives. The Somalian society is based on a clan-family structure. If you're a guest in someone's home and being fed, it is concidered disrepectful to eat all of your food as it makes you look like a pig. It also unlawful for girls to smile while out in public or even show their face. The Somalians value independence, domacracy, and individualism. They show respect to people who show strength and pride.