Communism people

True stories by sederrian martin

Communist is trying to spread. What would you do?

There are all sorts of people in this world. There are also sorts of government systems. Different types of government want different things. For example, Mao Zedong. Moa Zedong was a COMMUNIST leader. He tells you what to do, and you have to obey it. On October 1st 1949,he become a chairman of the republic. There was also this thing called the LONG MARCH. It was a 6,000 mile march.There was also this thing called the GREAT LEAP FORWARD. It was a time were Mao Zedong wanted china to be powerful. So he took people (including farmers) to give them work but in the end failed. The reason why it failed was because of famine. There was no farmers, so there was no food, and so people died. You know, there is a thing Mao Zedong made. It was called the cultural revolution. It was a time were there was no religion, or anything that had to do with the past government. Instead he wanted china to focus on HIS government and HIS communist ideas. Would you like to go to china?

The things this dude did

2 other problem.

There were 2 other wars and problems as well. There once lived a man named Ho Chi Minh. He was also a communist leader.He lead vietnam and to force the south part of vietnam to be under communist rule as well.The united states joined the fight and we lost due to their gurrila tactics. He had an army called the virt mihn army. After the united states ships were attcaked, we joind the fight. In the end he won Vietnam.