The Road To Perseverance

By: Megan Kwon

Introduction to Perseverance

Perseverance is when you don't give up on something important so easily to just stop in what you believe is right. It shows sacrifice for people you love to make sure their happy and live a good life. Perseverance is where you don't let people in your way to get what you want for yourself and others.

Hitting A Home Run to Success

Jackie Robinson became the first Black baseball player and inspired the negroes to join and play baseball. He played so well he was signed contracts and a lot of the black people who played baseball wanted to play. After he retired baseball he still helped show the blacks should be able to play baseball also. After his death he won an award for helping African Americans to be able to play baseball equally as the whites even when he retired from baseball.
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Nepal Disaster into Perseverance

The earthquake caused massive destruction throughout Nepal. People started to help rebuild homes and buildings for people to sleep in. People lost many lives and homes having to sleep outside. Everyone helped each other to have sleeping areas throughout the nights. They had little resources of water and food for people to have. Around the world people made donations to help give food and water for people with nothing to have. Another after shake appeared a week after the other quake causing havoc throughout the city. More donations came in from around the world to help, gaining over thousand of money and food to help. People panicked not knowing what to do throughout the earthquake. Everyone worked together to make each other to calm down and stay collected to survive the quake.
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Hurting Through Perseverance

In the story "Chinese Cinderella" a girl named Adeline was treated poorly ever since she was born. Her mother died at her birth causing most of her family to hate her. Her stepmother abused her and acted like she was nothing. Later her father even forgot her actual Chinese name and her birthday. She also got slapped and whipped by her Father and Stepmother. When she got a pet of her own which was a duck the father killed it with their vicious dog. Her family hated her so much they sent her to boarding schools as an orphan. With all this treatment she lived a difficult life as a child.