The Longmore Learners

Week of February 1st

This Week In Math

We will finish Topic 10 this week. We will review Thursday and take the assessment on Friday.

This Week In ELA

We will continue with our The Lightning Thief read aloud. They will start understanding the Hero's Quest genre, which will tie in with their writing in Unit 5.

With social studies, the main reading goal during this unit is to learn how to use text features to help us process what the text is saying. We will ask questions like, How did this graphic help you learn? What part of the text does it support?

Social Studies
We have finished our science unit and move into Social Studies to study the regions of the United States. This will be a fairly quick unit, consisting of one week, with a quiz to finalize it.

Final copies of picture books are due on Wednesday. We will start our new mythology unit on Wednesday and have a Publishing Party on Friday.

Small Reading Groups

We have started a fiction unit again in our small reading groups. I believe we will be working in these units for about 2-3 weeks. Please help your student stay on track with his/her reading and getting assignments done in time. They will be given a packet with a calendar and the assignments. I will try to get these posted on Schoology sometime this week.

Purple: Do Tornadoes Really Twist
Red: Bunnicula
Orange: Brain's Winter
Blue: Flying Solo
Neon Green: Half Upon a Time

Spelling Week 19

Suffix: -or

Derivational or Latin suffix meaning “one who”; emphasize that when the root or base word ends with –e, drop the e and add –or. Usually when a base word ends with ate, ct, or it use or instead of er.


Ambush Night

Castlio is hosting a night at the Ambush Soccer Game on Friday, February 26th. It will start at 7:35pm at the Family Arena in St. Charles. The flier went home to those that were interested today. The cost will be $11 per ticket (cash only). If you are interested, return the bottom portion of the flier to Castlio by February 19th.

Weekly Calendar

Monday, February 1st
Day 2- PE
Writing: Revising

Tuesday, February 2nd
Day 3 - Music, don't forget your recorder and instrument
Math Practice 10-5 due
Writing: editing

Wednesday, February 3rd
Day 1 - Art
Math Practice 10-6 due
Final Research Projects are Due

Thursday, February 4th
Day 2 - Gym
Math Practice 10-7 due
Review for Math Topic 10 test today in class
Study for Math topic test at home, turn in signed copy of study guide for extra credit.

Friday, February 5th

Day 3 - Music, don't forget your recorder and binder!
Dictation Sentences today
Math Topic 10 test
Update Data Binders
Publishing Party

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