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January 8, 2016


This week we focused on the subtotals method and standard algorithm for dividing. We also looked at a way to show division using a place value drawing, which might be a great way for the students to check their work when they have found an answer! We learned about estimating to check if an answer is reasonable, and practiced rounding to the nearest hundred and ten to see which gave us a more reasonable answer compared to our dividend. Our first quick quiz of unit 3 was done on Friday, and the kids are really getting comfortable with this division unit which is great news!

Social Studies

We have transitioned from science to social studies. This unit is a look into geography and geology and a little about the history of Wisconsin. We learned that there were once volcanoes in our state billions of years ago! We talked about longitude and latitude lines and the names of the two lines that split our world into hemispheres, the Prime Meridian and Equator. We have been doing a lot of work with maps and using a key and compass rose to locate places in our state. We also talked about political and physical borders and which ones border our state with our neighboring states.

Breakout Edu

We had so much fun with this activity this week! Breakout Edu is a team-building and problem solving activity that requires students to work together to find the right combination to unlock the Breakout Box. There are a series of clues hidden around the room that lead them to other clues (websites on the computer, secret codes to unveil with a black light flashlight, etc.). The class has 45 minutes to try and break into the box and get the prize inside! Each class had a blast and really showed some great teamwork. We were rewarded Waffle Wednesday next week for successfully breaking into the Breakout Box.

Language Arts From Mrs. Edwards

This week in Reading we are doing some reviewing as we approach the MAPS test. The students will be testing next week Tuesday for their Reading MAPS Test. Please help us make sure the kiddos are coming to school with a full belly from breakfast and a good night’s sleep.

We started the week reviewing how to find the main idea of a story/ essay. The students did a great job figuring out the topic vs the main idea vs details. We moved on to review what we do when we come across a word we don’t know by looking at context clues. The students had a homework sheet that practiced this skill as well. Not only did the students have to write what they thought the meaning of the word was, but they also had to write down what ‘clues’ were given in the reading to help them come to the conclusion of what they thought the definition is. We continued our review by having fun with idioms and fact vs opinions.

During Writing, we wrapped up our Biography Unit. Next week we will get ready to share out our information with our peers. The project’s goals was for the students to learn not only how to research, but how to take that information and communicate it to others through a poster form. For this final project, the students did not type out any of their final work. Different grammatical errors are found when we don’t have the help of a word processor. The students need to start to catch some of those silly grammatical mistakes, especially in their hand written work.

We are wrapping up our Book Club project. The students are being challenged with creating a game board based on the book’s theme and story. Working together with a small group of four can always be a challenge. The students have been persevering through the hard work of writing out step by step directions, creating quality questions at different levels of difficulty, and finally having fun designing the game board. Next week Friday, we will be able to play our board games for our Tribe Points. In two weeks, we will be starting our new Book Club study.

Reading MAP test

Tuesday, Jan. 12th, 12:45pm

Mrs. Edward's Room

Please make sure your child comes to school with a good night's sleep and has eating a good breakfast!