Rachel B


My family

I am a daughter and a sister to two. My brothers are Kyle and Derek, they are 21 and 19. I would say I am very in between my brothers personality wise. My mom is a personal trainer out of our home and she is one of the most caring people I know. My dad is a financial adviser who excels at about everything he does. I have two dogs Cooper and Ellie. Cooper is a bichon poo and Ellie is a schnoodle. I would consider us a very close family and I am fortunate for that.
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Who Am I?

I play three sports; tennis, basketball, and soccer. However, I have done softball, gymnastics, swimming, volleyball, and horseback riding.Some of my favorite things to do is white river raft, zip-line, and travel. I plan on going to college in Colorado, although my dream would be Oregon. When I am older I want to travel the world being a journalist or merchandiser.


Since traveling is one of my favorite things I thought I would tell you about some of my vacations! We went to Montana last year and my family was the first that year to hike that trail because of snow and bears. It was a 15 mile hike up a mountain where at parts we had to climb on our hands and knees through the snow so we didn't slide down. It was so scary and end up taking us 10 hours because of the difficult climb. However, it wasn't my first time in Montana, a few years back we hiked another trail where two baby cubs ran right in front of us on the trail. It may have been one of the coolest experiences of my life. The cubs continued to fight and play feet away from us while the mama bear ate off of a tree about half a mile down. Another really cool hike we have done is in Utah. The hike is called the narrows and is a river through two canyons that you hike through. I loved it because it is so different and so cool. We would have kept going but it got to the point where over half my body was covered in water so we decided to turn around. Again in Utah there was another hike called Hidden Canyon where it was a straight up hike until you get to a point where you are literately shuffling along a cliff holding onto these chains attached to the side and talk about terrifying! It was so high up the shuttles you take over were the size of an ant. The last hike i will tell you about was in Colorado. It was not a very exciting hike until we got to the very top where everything was covered in ladybugs. It was one of the craziest things I have ever seen. Although hiking may not be my favorite thing, I can't express my gratitude for my parents making me because I have seen remarkable things I never would have before.