Interviewer: Victor Pham. Explorer: David Kim.

David Kim interviewed by Victor Pham

A forest explorer named David Kim has came back from the famous Daintree Rainforest at the tropical coasts of Queensland two days ago. He will share his exciting tales and things he has discovered in this beautiful world heritage site.

Victor: What have you found out about Daintree Rainforest

David: I found out that Daintree Rainforest has three thousand species of plants but approximately four hundred plants are endangered. Everyone must save Earth's natural and beautiful wildlife. This is so unfair for these innocent, fascinating things.

Victor: What is your favourite animal in the Daintree Rainforest and why?

David: Well Victor, my favourite animal would probably be the frog. They can do the strangest things! In the rainforest, they are different colours and a poisonous one almost jumped on my leg!

Victor: Have you discovered anything new?

David: So far I have not found out anything new. But there are some amazing things found out by other explorers.

Victor: Describe the rainforest.

David: Well, there are a lot of trees like the Daintree fan palm. It looks like a palm tree but the leaves are shaped like those fans you put on ceilings. There are beautiful, small waterfalls and they are so beautiful, I can't even describe them! There are exotic animals too.

Victor: Why did you become a rainforest explorer? Did you enjoy your job?

David: When I was little, I as so so so fascinated by animals, plants and fruit cos I liked all there shapes colours and some fruit in the Daintree were rainbow. So when I was in university, I chose to be a rainforest explorer and of course, I do e

Buoy my job.

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