My Hero Julie

A Sister, A Daughter & A Hero

Backround Information

My sister Julie is 22 years old, and lives in Raliegh, North Carolina. She is a student at Wake Tech University, a medical school, studying radiology. People who work in radiology look at womens babies, while still in the womb, through a machine to check on how they are doing. She is also adopted, just like I'am.


My sister's goal in life is to be succesful in the medical field.right now she is in college and going to Wake Tech University. She is not working in it yet, but is working hard to finish college and achieve her goal.

Cattle Of The Sun god

My sister once had a best friend who started a rumor that wasn't true. Once my sister found out what had happened, she asked her friend if it was true and she lied. My sister just stopped talking to this friend as much as it hurt although she wasn't completely sure if it was the right thing to do. Now she realizes it was the right decision, and a real friend doesn't lie behind your back over jealousy, hate, etc.