Richey/Davenport Cluster News

December 3, 2015

Great Technology Assists with Growth, Development and Creativity

We are enjoying learning with This outstanding educational program has components in writing, reading, language, math, spelling and ebooks. There is a place for your child to record books they have read. I would like to utilize this by keeping a record of your child's reading through this class and at home.

If you would like to encourage your child to connect home and school with learning this website if perfect for that goal. You are welcome to have your child log on at home and work as much as desired in any area. There is a leaderboard and coin bank that has created motivation to learn...yea! Your child's first name is the username and your child can tell you the password.

December is Full of Great Events

Barnes and at Noble - Wednesday December 2 Students did a great job with bells!

Nutcracker- Bama Theater -Friday December 4-Students walk to the show if not too cold

Gurthrie Landscape Tree Farm Tour - Tuesday December 15-Leaving at 8:30 *school store will be housed at the farm

Tuscaloosa Public Library - Wednesday December 16- Leaving at 12:30

Flight Museum in Birmingham - Sometime in January

Holiday Party - Thursday -December 17 at 1:30

Tiger Owls and Hoot Owls Love to Help Out and Give

Our class is collecting used dolls and toys for children who do not have many to play with.

Please send three dolls or three items that can be wrapped to give to other children in Tuscaloosa. If you would like to send wrapping paper and boxes that would help. You may begin sending Friday December 4 and continue until Friday December 11.

We are also collecting cans of green beans for the Community Soup Bowl. If you want to send $4 to buy a can that the office has purchased your child can write their name on the top of the can to show support. We want to have a class that loves to help others. Please take time out of your busy schedule to help!