If you want to learn about the Southwest Region then you should read this amazing flyer . Its a very wonderful place to vacation!


In the great and wonderful Southwest ,there are many wonderful things to do .You could go to they Grand Canyon , it's the most famous landmark in the southwest. At the Grand Canyon ,tourist enjoy hiking ,riding mules on trails ,rafting on the Colorado River ,or simply looking at the beautiful landforms.Carlsbad Caverns National Park is another popular tourist destination . The Kings Place has a large formation that looks like a castle in the center.Another place is ,The Petrified Forest , it's not like walking into a normal forest .It's more like walking into a dessert! Each brightly colored peace is like a giant crystal , sparkling the sunlight as if covered by glitter. Also people love Johnson Space Center. There in charge of NASAS human space flight program. The space vehicle Mockup facility allows astronots to practice operating the 430 ton space station with a full scale models .


The Southwest is dry , sunny and hot with little rain. When little rain,droughts can occur which is bad.But plants , animals and people have adapted to harsh weather.During the day animals hide and sleep but during night they hunt .


The fabulous, extroadanary , and fantastic Southwest has many wonderful landforms. Here are a few you need to know . One of them is the Colorado River , it is a reddish color, the longest river in America is the Colorado River. Also it's in the driest area of the country , and it provides silt.Another important landform is The Hoover Dam . It was made to store water , and control flooding. Did you know it was man made? Also theres the Grang Canyon witch is a large and deep narrow valley with steep sides, it's also the most famous canyon. The Chihuahua Dessert is the largest dessert in North America it's also in New Mexco . Also they can have shrubs , trees ,cactus , yucca . Those are some of the fantabulous landforms in the Southwest.


In the amazing beautiful SouthWest they have lots of spicey food. Like tortias ,peppers ,tamales , and chile.Green chile peppers are made into salsa .Red chile peppers are used in slow-cooked dishes . The most popular slow-cooked dish is chile.They also have simple deserts like flown. The Southwest used to belong to Spain and Mexico.Many people in the Southwest speak Spanish .The biggest Native tribe the Navajo . There is lots of Spanish and Native American influence in the Southwest .

Natural Resouces

There are lots of valuable minerals in the Southwest region like gold, iron ,copper,and silver.The Southwest Region is rich in fuels that supply energy like uranium, coal, natural gas and oil, also called black coal. One of the biggest problems of the Southwest Region is the limited water supply but they rely on the Colorado River for drinking water, water for crops,and animals, and energy through the use of turbines. The Southwest Region is also known for its many cattle and sea ranches .