Louis Armstrong

______The Leader of Yesterday's Music______

Leading Up To Sucsess

Armstrong was born in one of the poorest sections of New Orleans on Aug. 4, 1901. "He was a prodigy," says art historian and curator Marc Miller, "a hard-working kid who helped support his mother and sister by working every type of job there was, including going out on street corners at night to sing for coins. When Armstrong was 11 years old, juvenile court sent him to the Jones Home for Colored Waifs for firing a pistol on New Year's Eve. While there, he had his first formal music lessons and played in the home's brass band. After about 18 months he was released. From then on, he largely supported himself as a musician, playing with pick-up bands and in small clubs with his mentor Joe "King" Oliver. Soon, sheet music publishers and record companies would make jazz a household name.

Louis Armstrong - Mini Biography

Popular Songs By Louis Armstrong

What A Wonderful World

It's a wonderful world while people all over the world die of starvation and diseases, while we pollute with radiation and greenhouse gasses that deplete our atmosphere, the significance of this song was to save the world.

Significance of Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong was a leader for both African Americans and whites. He led others through racial discrimination with his trumpet and admired raspy voice. During the Great Depression musicians and artists as well as Louis Armstrong, tried to bring back joy into the world with their talents.
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Today's Louis Armstrong

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These two influential jazz musicians both swept Americans off their feet. Herbie Hancock had a burning passion for playing the piano ever since he was little. In Hancock's biggest hit, Chameleon, his song lasted over fifteen minutes and thirty seconds. Louis Armstrong's songs were particularly long for his time period as well. Both musicians were considered as child prodigies, they had a ear for music. Armstrong as well as Hancock both played mostly instrumental, Herbie did all instrumental.

Unexpected Tragedy

On July 6, 1971(69 years old) Louis Armstrong had a Myocardial infarction or a heart attack. He passed away in Queens New York City. Louis Armstrong was an influential jazz artist that will never be forgotten.