By Halen Helmer

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The North Estate

The North Estate is run by the Luddite family, the Norths, who have a great amount of

Reduced to keep the farm running well. You will find top facilities including the Luddite home, a birthing house, medic house for the ill and the North Farm. And the scenery will take your breath away.

Reduced Village

Visit the Reduced Village was built after the Reduction, by the Luddites. The Reduced live a simple and safe life in this quiet village. While there, you will enjoy seeing the Reduced hard at work!
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The Majestic Sky

The North Estate hosts a clear, bright sky full of stars. The view from the cliffs is simply breathtaking. Every constellation including the Big Dipper, Little Dipper and Orion become real before your eyes!
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Come Join Us At the North Estate

Whether you come for a short visit or plan to stay, you will find plenty to do!! You will be welcome at the North Estate!!