Causes of the American Revolution


American Revolution

The american revolution was when the American's where tired of having a king so the Americans fought to have independence and freedom. Some social causes of the american revolution where: the Boston Massacre, the Coercive Act or as the colonists called it the Intolerable Acts,the proclamation of 1763, and the Stamp Act. Lets look into some British economic policies that led to the American revolution such as, the Stamp Act. This Act was everything that was paper had to be taxed! Also the Townshend Acts, this was where things like tea, glass, paper, and every day things where taxed and that made the Americans very mad. I do think that colonist were justified in declaring independence from England it made America the way it is today and without these wonderful leaders we would be lost in time.
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The Navigation Acts/ The Sugar Act

The purpose of the Navigation Acts was to put the theory of mercantilism into actual practice. The two rules that the colonist had to follow when trading goods was; you could only trade with English ships. Also items such as sugar, tobacco, and indigo where only to be shipped within the empire. The sugar act was the act that american distillers had to buy sugar for more money from the West Indies. The most important impact of the Navigation Acts was that the stifling of Colonial manufacturing increased the disliking of the colonies to the mother country.

The Stamp Acts

The Stamp Acts was when Britain taxed anything printed on paper;or anything requiring people to seal things. The stamp act was created because they (Britain) tried to pay off the debt of the French and Indian war with taxes. The Committees of Correspondence and Samuel Adams contacted other towns how to fight the taxes. Then the sons of liberty came into place. The sons of Liberty was created by Samuel Adams, and they where men that protested against the British policies.

Quartering Act

In response to the stamp act protests Britain sent even more troops to keep the order in the colonies. The Quartering Act was when the colonist were required to house and feed British soldiers. There where three major issues with this act, one; the colonist didn't like having to house,feed,and take care of solders.Two, the colonist didn't like having a standing army of soldiers without search warrants.Three, it was very costly to house your family and soldiers in your home.

The Proclamation of 1763

After the French and Indian war the proclamation of 1763 was created. This line was created on the Appalachian mountains. King George the third created the line to ovoid any more encountering with the natives. No encountering with the natives, no debt. But this didn't solve any problem though. This actually created a problem. After the line was announced the colonist became very angry because they could not move west ward. The colonist wanted to expand to the west but now the moving was not possible.This was also a big impact on the American Revolution.
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The Townshend Acts

The townshend acts was when Britain taxed every day items that people used daily in their life. These items are tea, glass, paper, and other daily used items. Then the daughters of liberty came into play. These women protested by instead of buying their cloth, they made their own.Then the British decided that they where going to take the taxes off of the items. Although they took the taxes off of the items they left one item to still be taxed, that items was tea. The sons of liberty decided they used violence to tell the British that they didn't was these taxes. They attacked the tax collectors and the soldiers.
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The Boston Massacre

On March 5, 1770. A crowed of British soldiers and colonist gathered around each other. The colonist started to throw snow balls at the soldiers. The soldiers ended up getting mad and firing at the colonist and five of the colonist died at that very moment. Samuel Adams used this information and the incident as a propaganda and one sided information.
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The Tea act & The Boston Tea party

The Tea Act was when the (BEIC) was the only company to sell tea to the colonies.This also made the colonist unhappy because they were forced to pay taxes still. Then comes the Boston tea party. The Sons of Liberty decided to dress up as natives board the ship illegally and dump 342 crates of tea into the harbor. Not a good day for Boston.

Coercive Act (Intolerable Acts)

The colonists called the coercive act the Intolerable act because the act was so harsh on the colonists. As a result of the Intolerable acts was that they made four laws. The first law is that they stopped all trade, they didn't allow any town meetings to accure, they gave Britain full control of the colonies, and also strengthend the quartering act. Other colonies responded to the Intolerable acts by bringing food in by other colonies and that stired revolutionary spirit through the colonies.