Paws to Read

By Mac Demo

About me

I learned to read in kindergarten. I was not the best at it but I could do it. When I read books I am usually at school or going on a vacation. I like to read before I go to bed or when I am in a car or plane going somewhere. I have finished a lot of books in my life but my favorite one is hunger games.


10 things about me as a reader

1. I have read a lot of books

2. The best series is hunger games

3. I read 1 books a month

4. I get a lot of books from the library

5. My favorite books are sports books

6. I like to read biography's

7. I like going to the book fair

8. I like going to book stores and buying books

9. I like going on vacation because I get to read a lot

10. I like giving book reviews about books

My favorite book

My favorite book is the hunger games or any sports book. they just have a lot of action and action is my favorite. almost all of the sports books have a great story about a kid and how he becomes good at sports. Hunger games has lots of action and is a game to see who the last person in a ring will be.

the song

The song that describes me is pop because I am fun and up beat and love to spend time with friends.

most recent read

What I am reading right now is the westing game for class. it is a pretty good book but is very weird. Somebody dies and then 16 people try to find out who did it. Whoever finds out who killed Mr. Westing gets 200,000 million dollars.


My quote is reading is as easy as making a basket.

song that describes me as a reader

my song is happy because whenever I read I am happy.