Filming Techniques

An essential part of what makes movies great!


Hello, and welcome to the amazing world of film making! Today, I'm going to look at some of the more popular shots, angles, and movements in the film making world, and see why they are used. Let's start by looking at some different camera shots. I hope you enjoy!

Camera Shots

Camera shots are used to show the setting, characters, and theme of the movie in question. They are essential to give the viewer certain hints and clues to what the movie is about.

Camera Movements

Camera movements are really important to a movie. They can add energy, show perspective, follow the action, show depth, and much much more!

Camera Angles

Camera Angles are another important thing you need in a movie. Camera angles help position the viewer so they can have a better understanding of the relation between the characters. Camera Angles are also an important way of communicating meaning in a film.

* These photos did not come from the Outsiders movie

In Conclusion...

Without camera movements, angles, and shots, movies today wouldn't nearly be as liked, fun and engaging. Thank you for reading our poster.

By: Michael and Paul 8-2