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Storage etc.

There are three main types of data storage: OPTICAL STORAGE, MAGNETIC STORAGE and SOLID STATE STORAGE.

Optical storage is use of readable data through the use of light. This will often come in the form of a finely pointed laser on a spinning disc, such as a CD. The advantages of this are that, with care, they can last a long time and there is no chance of the data being overwritten. Unfortunately this means that the writing times for storage is high and the files cannot be edited.

Magnetic storage is the use of magnetic reading to store data, for example in a CREDIT CARD STRIP. This means that the access time for the data is very fast and can be read from anywhere on the item. These can also store large amounts of data. Unfortunately being magnetic means that often data can be wiped using other magnets and they loose their ability over time.

Solid State Storage is storage with no moving parts, such as a HARD DRIVE. It is a combination of circuits are as fast as electricity as their is no moving parts and there is no noise generated. These use more power than other storage devices, though.


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