Cuneiform V.S. Hieroglyphics

By Ella

Cuneiform and Hieroglyphics

Cuneiform is much older than hieroglyphics, it having been invented in 3500 B.C., while hieroglyphics were invented in 3300 B.C. While hieroglyphics are symbols and pictures which can represent either sounds or words, cuneiform is more like differently angled symbols, and there are over 100 different bits. Though both are a kind of alphabet, they are very different. Hieroglyphics are very complex. Cuneiform was made with little tools with wedge-shaped ends, on clay(NO MISTAKES). Cuneiform was first used by Ancient Mesopotamians, who lived in present-day Iraq. Hieroglyphics were invented by Ancient Egyptians. Both were written by scribes.

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This is examples of cuneiform and hieroglyphics.