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September 2018

Upcoming Events

10/2- PTG Meeting- 7 PM

10/5- First Friday Mass, Grade 7 Hosting, Student Council Installation

10/8- No school- Columbus Day

10/12- Progress Reports are sent home

10/23- Flu Shot Clinic- 3:30-5:30

10/26- Halloween Party

September's Students of the Month

On September 26, we started up a well-loved OLMC tradition- the K-5th Grade Community Meeting. This month's meeting also celebrated our Students of the Month. This month we recognize: Emma (Kindergarten), Oscar (1st Grade), Riley (2nd Grade), Edward (3rd Grade), Julia (4th Grade), and William R. (5th Grade). We are so proud of these awesome examples of the OLMC spirit! (Not pictured: Julia and Oscar)
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Halloween is Coming!

Our annual Halloween Party will take place Friday, October 26th. Just like last year, there will be two sessions:

  • PreK3- 5th Grade- 6:00-7:30 (all students must be accompanied by an adult). Fee is $12 per family or pay $25 for the annual Family Fun Event Pass.
  • 6th-8th Grade- 7:30-9:00 (Students may bring a friend. This is a student only session). Fee is $5 per student or pay $25 for the annual Family Fun Event Pass.

From the Principal

September is one of my favorite months. I love the start of a new school year, the start of a new season (I'll let you decide if I mean football season or autumn), and the start of beautiful fall foliage. At OLMC, we too have a few new starts. Our student council program, headed by Mrs. Frederico, is beginning. The children are starting to dive deep into the new content that they will be learning this year. We have truly been blessed with so many fresh beginnings.

As we head to the midpoint of the First Trimester, your child will be bringing home his/her progress report. This is an excellent opportunity to start conversations about where you are proud of your child's progress and where he or she can focus further. Since we're at the midpoint, there is still plenty of time to adjust work and study habits before the first report card. Please reach out to your child's teacher if you are not sure where to begin.

During the month of October, you'll begin to hear about "Discover Catholic Schools Week". This week is a new initiative launched by the Diocese of Providence to connect the advertising done by the area Catholic high schools with the elementary schools in the diocese. We will have an Open House on Sunday, November 4th from 11:30 AM- 1 PM. Please share the date and time with those that you think would be interested in learning more about our school. If they can't make it that day, please pass them our school email and encourage them to contact me for more information.

As always, thank you for partnering with Our Lady of Mount Carmel School in the education and formation of your child.


Ms. Walters

Classroom Updates

PreK 3

Our Pre K 3 class has been very busy making new friends and learning some new songs. We have been working on our classroom rules, and have learned that we must use our indoor voices in our room and our walking feet while we are in the school building. We are learning it is important to share our classroom toys and we must be patient and take turns. We are having fun learning our colors and making projects. We even already braved a fire drill and did a super job! Our favorite part of school is the playground, we love to swing, go down the slide, ride the see-saw and boy can we climb the jungle gym!

PreK 4

Pre-k four has spent September making new friends and learning the rules and routines of our classroom. The class went into the church to look around and practice for when we go to the first Friday mass next month. We talked about how Jesus died on the cross and then rose from the dead so that we all can be saved. We have also begun working on learning our letter sounds. We have been learning about the ocean and many of the animals that live there. We will soon start learning about fall and all the changes we see this time of year. Our students of the week were Eloise and Carter. Happy Birthday to Zander, Donovan and Evie.


The Kindergarten has been busy getting to know one another and learning the expectations for the classroom. They really enjoy center time and playing at the playground!

In Religion, they have been discussing all of the wonderful things God has made for them to enjoy. They draw pictures of their favorite gifts from God and share them with the class.

In Reading, the class has been learning new letters and answering questions about the stories that have been read aloud. They have met Echo the owl from the Fundations program and have so much fun learning with him.

In Handwriting, they have finished learning about all the different strokes they use to form letters and numbers.

In Math, they have completed the chapter on sorting. They have been sorting all sorts of objects with many different rules.

In Social Studies, they have been discussing who our community helpers are and how they help us.

In Science, they have gone on a nature walk to collect items to sort and make pictures with!

The students are off to a great start! They can’t wait for the next exciting adventures to come.

First Grade Souper Troopers

First grade welcomes fall! We spent the month of September learning some basic skills to become good learners. We talked about showing a 'respectful face' when the teacher is talking and we practice it often. We are beginning to add new information to our 'schema' and practice 'think time' so others can think of the answer before we are called on. Our class is certainly becoming a community. And speaking of community, First Grade Souper Troopers have already begun to collect cans for East Bay Food Pantry! In addition, each student in our class has a job that helps our group run smoothly and keeps us nice and tidy. The children take their jobs seriously and enthusiastically.

We look forward to fun activities this fall. We will be heading to Four Town Farm on October 16th and making some tasty treats in the classroom. With discussions of bats, spiders, and catching ghosts, our group is going to be a web of excitement!

Second Grade

Second grade is full of learning and fun! In reading, students have been learning the comprehension strategies of questioning and making connections. In writing, students have published their first stories and enjoyed sharing their work at our Celebration of Books. In math, students are focusing on addition, subtraction, and fact families. In social studies, students learned about citizenship and voting by conducting a vote for their favorite ice cream flavor. In science, students have been making observations and classifying solids based on their physical properties!

Third Grade

Third grade has had a great start to the school year. We have focused on working hard and persevering through any challenges we face in our academics. In Math, we learned about place value and counting money through practice problems, games, and videos. We have begun the writing process and students are working hard at revising and editing their personal narratives. The class also has been working on predicting, inferring, and questioning while we read. Students enjoyed reading Freckle Juice by Judy Blume, and practicing spelling with shaving cream! In science, students are budding astronomers, as we have begun learning about our solar system. The OLMC third grade classroom is a wonderful community of avid learners!

Fourth Grade

The 4th grade has had an amazing start to the school year. We were excited to welcome 3 new students to our class. In addition, we were eager to get to work, which is exactly what we did! In religion we have been reading about Jesus. The theme in reading is journeys. Place value through the hundred millions is the focus in math. We have been learning about personal narratives and how to write them. In social studies we have been learning about the southwest region on the United States. The focus in science is biology. In addition, we are going to begin our community service project in October. For our community service project we partner with the pre k - 3 class. Together we make monthly visits to Franklin Court. It is a rewarding experience for both the residents and the students.

Fifth Grade

The fifth graders are off to a great start. They started the year off learning the ropes of fifth grade. In religion, the students worked on activities to help them understand the differences between being mean, rude or a bully. In English, the students started practicing their journal writing with short daily writing prompts. In math, the students worked on place value as well as estimating sums and differences. Reading and science were incorporated together, along with technology. The students read stories about natural disasters and researched how they form and affect peoples' lives. They also had the chance to follow hurricane Florence's path and its aftermath. In social studies, the students learned about early civilizations, compared and contrasted each one and discussed the conveniences we have today.

Sixth Grade

Grade 6 is doing a fantastic job in middle school! In Literature, the class presented Ancient Egypt projects inspired by the summer reading selection The Egypt Game. The wide range of topics included Egyptian gods and queens, mummification, myths, fashion, pyramids, and much much more! The projects were very informative and each student concluded their presentation with a question and answer session. In English, students learned how to use REC Format to facilitate the essay writing process. The REC acronym stands for restating the prompt, explaining and elaborating using examples as text evidence, and concluding with a clincher. Math 6 students reviewed multiplying with whole numbers and decimals. We also reviewed the 6 important points of solving a word problem: reading the problem, identifying the question, list the important facts, write an equation, solve the equation, and check your answer. The students have had an introduction to exponents and scientific notation.

In Religion, the class learned about how the Bible is organized, and the many books and genres of literature that are found throughout the Old and New Testament. Fr. Steve teaches on Wednesdays, and his PowerPoints are fantastic! In Science and History, 6th grade really has been on top of their game. In history, students are learning about the usefulness of archaeology along with the creation of different. Students have also taken their first quiz and absolutely knocked it out of the park! In Science, we have been working erosion, weathering, and the changes of earth over time. In vocab, students hard work is very apparent. When time is given in class to study or work in groups, students waste very little time because this class wants to succeed.

Seventh Grade

This first month has been nothing but amazing in my classroom and it is in thanks to the outstanding students I have. 7th grade is an assortment of all different kinds of personalities which couldn't mesh any better if they tried. All these students come to class prepared and are eager to learn and build off of each other. am very blessed and I am looking forward to the rest of the year! In Literature, Grade 7 created a novel mosaic featuring the literary elements from the summer reading selection Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. Students also read several selections from the new anthology which explored the essential question “Whom Can You Count On?” In English, Grade 7 reviewed subjects, predicates, and the four types of sentences to improve their writing skills. Math 7 students have reviewed multiplying and dividing whole and decimal numbers. We are currently reviewing adding and subtracting integers and will be moving forward to multiplying and dividing integers as well. The Pre-Algebra 7 & 8 groups are currently learning about the distributive property and simplifying mathematical expressions. We will be moving towards solving one-step and multi-step equations in the coming weeks. In religion class, we have been learning about the truth of life and about our faith. Students have also designed their own crests and when students shared these out you could tell they really spent a lot of time on it. In science, we have been working on Taxonomic keys and the 6 kingdoms of life. Finally, in Civics students have been learning about what it means to be a citizen and what rights they have, This class has been filled with awesome responses to questions and some pretty amazing (and respectful) debates.

Eighth Grade

In Literature, Grade 8 presented scrapbook projects based on the protagonist and main character in the novel Homeless Bird. The project was a study of literary elements in a novel while characterization and point of view. In English, Grade 8 reviewed subjects, predicates, and the four types of sentences as part of their grammar study. Algebra students have been reviewing multi-step equations. They have been using the distributive property and combining liked terms. As we are wrapping up the chapter, they will be reviewing formulas and decimal equations. In History, the students have started to learn about the Civil War. They researched the strengths and weaknesses of the North and South. They are currently learning about the different battles that have occurred and how they benefited the North and South. The students are currently working on a project where they pretend they are a newspaper reporter during their chosen battle. During Religion class, students have been learning about human dignity and how to be true to oneself. As we move forward, we will be discussing moral decision making and how the Sacrament of Penance helps us form our conscience. The students also created posters to invite people to be Disciples of Christ. In 8th grade Science, we have been learning about density, volume, mass, physical/chemical changes, and different forms of matter. Students have come in with incredible work and are always ready to share out. Group work is a key part of my classroom as I want students to positively feed off of each other and that is what is happening here. Students always try to help each other out with classwork, studying, and other assignments and this is what I am looking forward to for the rest of the year.

Art with Mrs. Southworth

Our Preschool and Kindergarten students have created back to school themed art. They have made projects such as school buses, apples, owls, and even giant pencils. Some of the students have been working on their cutting skills and all students have been learning to follow directions.

Grades 1 through 3 have been experimenting with liquid watercolors and crayons. The children have been learning how the wax crayons resist the watercolor paints. The harder the students press with the crayons the better the results. The students created very colorful owls separating the colors with a thick layer of crayon.

Grades 4 and 5 have also been using liquid watercolors. They have been discussing the differences between pan and liquid watercolors. The liquid watercolors have given the students more vibrant colors as well as a larger variety of tones. They have really enjoyed the new liquid watercolors!

Our middle school started off the year with a multimedia art project all about themselves. The first part of the project was taking a black & white photo of themselves, the photos were then printed and glued onto art paper. The rest of the image was filled in with drawings of items they love and inspire them. The drawings were done in color and were a vibrant contrast to the black & white image.

Music with Mrs. Hewitt

Pre K 3 - 2nd grade
I begin the year by nurturing a love music by singing to the children and encouraging them to sing along. Inviting them to clap hands with the beat, move anything and vocalize anything. I played some children music CD”s and had them sing along with abandon dancing and rhythm instruments.

Chorus grades 3-8: I start the year with choir warm-ups to provide necessary routine, reinforce vocal health, prepare specific skills and interject a vital bit of motivating skills.

Grade 4 Recorder Class -All recorders and books are on order and should be in within 5 - 10 business days. As beginners, students will be learning to read music, play simple but beautiful tunes, understand how music works and enjoy playing an instrument with friends.

Grade 5 - handbells and xylophones - We have started our first classes with rhythm reviews and note reading in the treble clef. We also applied changing rhythms in some music games. Students throughout the year will learn traditional children music for handbells and xylophones.

Grade 6 - Drumming Circle - Students will be learning about timbre, the quality of sound/dynamics and rhythms. We began the year with some fun body percussions which encouraged not only some rhythm skills but a lot of fun and laughter. A variety of drums will be introduced by mid-October.

Guitar classes 7th and 8th grade - All students came very prepared for their first guitar class with instruments, lesson books, and folders. We began guitar one with the basics: understanding all the parts of the guitar, tuning guitars and learning the first 3 basic chords on just the bottom 3 strings ( C, G & G7 chords) I encouraged the students to set aside a certain amount of practice time at least 5 times per/ week.
In guitar two we tuned our guitars and did a review of what we had learned last year. All the students seemed very excited about moving on to Book 2.