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Inquiry at the "Heart" of the Ontario Curriculum

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Education begins with Curiousity....

Inquiry-based learning is an approach to teaching and learning that places students’ questions, ideas and observations at the centre of the learning experience. Questions are the core of inquiry-based learning, and central to the overall learning process.

In a true inquiry-based model, how learning happens isn’t as important as whether that learning encourages students to try to learn even more. The process of learning is the key element.

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Integrating Curriculum / Exceeding Expectations

How can we use the inquiry based approach when there are so many curriculum expectations to address?

By focusing on the big idea, rather than one specific expectation, students questions will connect to the overall expectations within your curriculum documents.

By knowing our big ideas within the curriculum, we are able to find lean toward a multidisciplinary approach and combine a variation of overall expectations when exploring a big idea.

Make the curriculum work for you – connect the “big ideas” to the daily questions and interests of your students.

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Formulating Questions– building curiosity and background knowledge
Gathering & Organizing – students research the subject matter; they ask questions, look for and find answers
Interpret & Analyze – more succinct searching occurs, summarizing, and building new knowledge
Evaluate & Draw Conclusions

Communicate – students share what they have learned with other students

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Formulating Questions

Using Thinglink to Ignite Curiosity & Build Questions in History.

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Big Idea

Understanding the experiences of and challenges facing people in the past, helps put our experiences and challenges into context.

Gathering & Organizing

Interpret & Analyze

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Evaluating & Assessing

Communications - "Sharing"

Presentation Tools

What tools can students use to communicate their discoveries and findings?