Growing intellectually

Because of Mrs. Danley's guidance in class


Media literacy is being able to understand and send out a wide variety of messages with a single story of phrase. Take Cecil the lion for example, if someone were to mention that lion many people would be angered by what happened because of the way that media depicted it without the viewers thinking about it for themselves. People need to be able to understand that any media station is trying to lean the viewers towards their ideals without even knowing it. Media literacy is understanding what the news is telling you and analyzing it. Meaning you figure out what it means and the message they are trying to get across.

Example: Gun Control

Kevin De Leon

This man made a bit of a headliner after he had a conference in California trying to ban a certain type of firearm. He failed miserably after being torn apart by Pro-gun media for knowing nothing about them and nothing he does is taken seriously now. However his message was different than just banning a certain kind of gun he was banning the process of civilians making their own firearms with no serial numbers, including convicts. He was trying to make something illegal that he believed was right but he was torn apart by media. Media literacy is being able to look at the story and analyzing and evaluating it yourself to see what is really going on

V for Vendetta SMORE#2


In V’s speech to the BTN (Future) he argues that (“there is something terribly wrong with this country”) and shows how society needs to think for themselves instead of the government doing it for them. V highlights this accusation by pointing out there is a problem (“coercing your conformity”), by questioning who is really to blame (“Looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror”), and by calling for action (“then I ask you to stand beside me one year from tonight”). V uses current events from the country (Surveillance, No Freedom) to unveil and present what is wrong with the government in order to change society for the better (“promised you peace, and all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent”). V’s audience is the whole of London because he is addressing every citizen and offering a way for them to fix the government they let get corrupted and uses everything that is going on around them to turn it into momentum for the people to stop the government themselves.

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Heros SMORE#3


Macbeth became flawed once his curiosity got the best of him. As the saying goes curiosity killed the act and in between his downward spiral and death, he became more and more human. He began feeling guilt and sadness for the things he'd done. He was happy, he was the thane of Glamis, and he had a loyal friend named Banquo and he went straight for the rock bottom faster than missile when he did not receive what he expected he grew hungry for it. Hungry enough to slaughter his former friends or to have them slaughtered.



V fought against the monster that the government had become. Everyone was censored, no one could speak bad about the government or they'd face death or imprisonment. He fought them with words and ideas. He didn't call the government out for being bad. He called out society for allowing this to happen, for not rising up and doing what is right. He pointed out the flaws in society and sparked a rebellion. He was successful but gave his life in the end for the cause

O'Brien as victim SMORE #5


I do not believe O'brien is a victim. I believe that the only reason he does not think the way that Julia and Winston do is because of the luxury that the party provides for him. He does not see things the way they do because he is given the basic needs and more that they do not. they live in garbage homes, eating basically trash and drinking jet fuel while O'brien is given a spacious manor with normal food that we take for granted every day. He has the choice to try to do what is right and revolt but he does not because he is comfortable with the things he has been given. As long as he takes what the party throws at him he gets to live a comfortable life.

Entry number 7

My views have not changed on media literacy, everyone has to find their own truths so to speak and figure out what they believe to be right or wrong. No one should immediately take the side of any news story, everyone must look at the other side of the story. Unless of course it is a tragedy such as the Sandy Hook shooting. Other than that though everyone needs to put in their two cents in what they hear because that is how we grow as a society, we have to be able to understand how each other feel. I learned from this class to not be so one sided in my opinions. I learned that I myself should practice what I preach and look at the second side of every story in order to understand it myself. This class is unlike any other class that I have taken. It was not focused purely on books or regurgitating information from a story, it actually had real time topics or conflicts that we could speak about in the class and allow us to debate or speak about it in the class. I do not think there is anything you could do to make this class any better. I had a fantastic teacher and a great curriculum that has help me grow as a person intellectually.

Can we auto-correct Humanity

This problem can not be solved by just one person or individual. This problem has be an idea that a group of people can solve and just any group. Humans, not just a small group but us as whole have to stop spending so much time on our tablets, phones, computers, xboxs, play stations, and all the other garbage that clouds the real beauty of the world. That is why I feel blessed to have the life I have. Whenever I go hunting I am glad to be without service. To just be out in nature and watching the true beauty of nature and the world. An HD better than any 4K video or youtube video could show me. I remember last year I was out in my stand waiting for the Sun to come up and I watched a white owl land less than 10 feet in front of me on a tree branch that was eye level with me and of course it put the fear of God into me in my groggy state but when I saw it I could help but admire its beauty and it was staring at me almost the same one I was staring at it. We have this unimaginable connection to nature that we pay no attention to because we are head deep in technology. There is no controlling the addiction that people have to social media. The only thing we can do is to put down our phones and go out into the world, it is something that each person has to realize. would they rather watch videos of adventures and the fun people are having or would they rather go out and experience it themselves. I will not harness the power of social media. I go out of my way to take people with me to go out and experience things in order for them to come to the realization that it is better in real life than it is on a screen.