The Invention of the Teenager

Kole Campton


Before the automoblie parents would set their sons and daughters date up and the male would go to the females house for dinner. The parents had a lot of supervision on these types of dates. After dinner the guys would leave with no real time alone with the girl or priviacy.

After the Automoblie dating became more private and kids had more choices they could make. Priviacy led to experimentation with sexual behaviors before marraige. It also expanded where kids could go or what they could do. The range to which one could date increased greatly, insted of just the people in a small home-town one could date others from a few towns away.
The automoblie also changed how far one could go to get to school so insted of many towns with small schools all over regions would create a larger school to teach more kids at once. With the higher attendance regions began to split schools to older and younger in turn creating the high school expeirence. Hence the automoblie created a stage of life that involved more isolation and new expeirences with more choices and possibilities for teens, overall creating teenagers.