Saving Electricty

By.Brendan McMahon

Saving Electricty in our Homes

Were going to be talking about home electricity saving. The best way to do that is to turn off water when brushing teeth

Saving Electricty in our schools

We can turn of the water and in stead of using fossil fuels we can use one of the energys that are renewable each day so we can say good bye to pollution and hello clean air also we can turn off lights when were done working in class.

How to save electricty in our communitnty

solor panels

We can use solor panels because we can stop poultion because once were done with the non renewable energys were done for unless we can stop useing them and start useing the renewable ones to relye on.

wind energy

The next thing is wind energy that is best because if the sun ain't showing we can use wind to power up our schools,communitys,and houses.