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Walter payton


Payton was one of the three children to peter and alyne payton in columbiams,mississsipp. played seml professional baseball.than walter played football in high school and was one of the best in high school.then in collage he was one of the best in collage and was in the ncaa football hall of fame.


Then he went to the NFL and got pick #4 and went to the chicago bears the first game walter player it was not good.then in the final game walter rush for 134 yd on 20 carries.and it was the best game of his rookie season.he finish with 679 yd and 7 td in his rookie season and led the NFL in kickoff return. then arter his rookie he was a beast


he was in the hall of fame in Ncaa and NFL a super bowl winer and one of the best Hb ever or the best HB the he died of caner 1999 the end