Wednesday Minis

March 16, 2016

GIN System

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PRESIDENT Jennifer Mandelblatt

Hi Everyone!I hope you're having a wonderful week! We got the composite proof and I would be so appreciative if you could check the spelling of your name and make sure that your picture is with the right PC. And to be a total rockstar, if you could look to make sure your roommate/lin is all set too! Please email me by Friday at noon if you notice a problem.

Huge thank you to Daniela for leading our Diversity Dinner talk last night. There will NOT be a Dinner next week.

Much Love in AOT,


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VP ME Elise Czuchna

Hello all!

This Sunday is the Health and Wellness Workshop during chapter, so be prepared to come and learn!! Also, if you orderer Bid Day Photos and have not yet picked them up, please come and get those from the parlor.

PSA! Lineage Appreciation Weekend is April 8th, 9th, and 10th. Do fun things! Eat meals, cuddle, or watch movies. Just love each other lots!

You are all so loved



VP OPS Grace Winant

Hey friends!

Don't forget formal chapter is this Sunday, so come in pin attire!

That's all! Have a great week!

VP CS Miranda Deane

This Saturday @ 1 is the third annual Ithaca Polar Plunge! All proceeds go towards Special Olympics NY :)

Join our polar plunge team!

Check out Erin's announcement for external philanthropy opportunities


VP PR Imani Sanders

LUNCH IN LETTERS: Monday @ Terrace w Daniela & Kelly 12:20-1:20, Wednesday @ Trill w Michaela 11-1:15, Thursday @ Martha's w Kimmi 11:45-1, & Trill w me 1-2:30

Keep submitting people to the sister spotlight form for social media!

Also keep adding fun pics to the drive

And don't forget to send me pics of you wearing your letters today to get a prize

xoxo gossip imani

VP Standards Jacqueline Pecaro

Hi everyone,

We still need 1 more sober monitor for Thursday's darty with Sammy and Saturday's mixer with Llenroc. Email me or let me know if you want to volunteer!

Live-in Sisters: After our kitchen meeting last week, we thought of a new system for holding each other accountable for cleaning the kitchen/house. If you miss your kitchen duty or do not complete your duty, the first time you will lose 1 point in the miscellaneous category, and every time after that, your name will be reentered into the sober pool. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me!



PANHEL DEL Erin Powder

Hi everyone!

Greeks Give Back (formerly known as Day of Demeter) is going to be Saturday, April 23. Stay tuned for more info.

External philanthropy opportunities:

AEPhi Mixology trunk show -- 3/21 2-5pm

SDT Eat Pi (pizza???????) -- 4/8

SDT Eat All Day (pizza??????) -- 4/28

SDT Jog for Josselyn (no pizza but still worth a point) -- 5/8

Apply to be a Cayuga's Watcher!

That's all. Love you.

Happy St. Pattys day!


Ps here's a photo of a sister (I won't say her name to protect her anonymity) celebrating St. Pattys day in a fun and safe way!

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Appointed Officer Announcements


Happy Wednesday to you all,

What a weekend we have coming up.

Thursday is St. Pattys day. What an exciting time to be alive. The festivities will begin at 3:00 pm at Sammy, where we will be having our dayger (rager@daytime). Come have some special libations, and of course, wear green. Or don’t, no one will care - we’ll just be happy to see you.

Thursday night: ZBT!!! we haven’t mixed with them yet. Come on out at 10 pm after the dayger.

Friday night: Lambda (10pm) — Theme is Luau! easy enough.

Saturday night: Llenroc (10pm). yogas n togas!!! grab your bedsheets


Yours Truly,

Emma & …..

Senior Club



See you at 9am at 133 Blair for delicious breakfast pizza from Wegmans, eggs, and a fresh keg full of happiness.

Also, if you plan to even have so much as a sip of beer, you MUST venmo me $2 by tonight! @Justine-Brennan-1.


JBreezy and JayTee

Girl Scouts Head

From Girl Scout Committee Head:

For those of you who didn't see my post in the facebook group: one of the Girl Scout moms sent me an email yesterday and I wanted to share it with you all. You all should be incredibly proud that you helped make this happen!!

"Because of the generosity of your group and some others we are able to send 4 scouts to camp for free and 8 others at half off for a week. This is amazing and will have a lifetime effect on these girls. Thank you for helping us to make this happen."

Lets keep up the commitment and spirit for the next GS event coming up soon!!


House Manager

HI PC 16!

We will be having another meeting on Sunday after chapter to discuss next steps. I will start the actual selection process either at that meeting or shortly thereafter. Keep an eye on your inboxes as that is what I am using as a main form of communication for this process.

Please reach out to me if you have a group of three that is interested in the triple. I want to ensure roommate compatablility for that room. I want to avoid a situation in which the last three people on the list just get stuck together. If I don't get any volunteers, then I will be forced to seriously consider making it a double.

Email with any questions!



Junior Club Chairs

fun4juniors madeling and marissa

a big GRAZIE for everyone who came out to #famdin on Sunday! delizioso! molto bene!

Pre-mixer bonding this Friday at Erin's apartment at 9pm! (407 Eddy apt#3 // entrance is directly to the right of Dunbars RIP)

AND FYI, OUR FEARLESS LEADER JENNIFER MANDELBLATT IS 21 ON FRIDAY!! PC14/juniors-- Come celebrate the girl who probably-- nay, DEFINITELY -- at some point in the past 2.5 years has gone out of her way to be a friend and resource to you! She is so celebrate-able!!

you know the drill, rsvp.




April 8th


Level B


Over & Under Admission but at 10:40 underage will be kicked out.

At 11pm Level B will open up to the general public.

We are blanket crushing PIKE, LLENROC, and LAMBDA!!!

Seniors get two dates & everyone else gets one.

There are tabs for each grade level.

Please try to sign everyone up by Wednesday of next week so that we can send out the invites!

We need full names & netIDs (email addresses if they don't go here).

The last day to sign up dates is Wednesday April 6th at midnight.




Hey everyone! We will be doing distributions for QUARTER ZIPS, WATER BOTTLES, and TANK TOPS!!! We don’t have all the apparel yet but we want you to be able to have some new apparel for spring break! The two distribution times are 12:00-12:30pm before chapter this Sunday (3/20) or 5:00-6:00pm on Monday (3/21). Please pick your apparel up during these times or have a friend or someone in your lineage put it in your mailbox. If you can’t get it during these times, you may pick up quarter zips, water bottles, and tank tops during a later distribution time this semester.

***NEW POLICY*** You MUST get your apparel during a distribution time before the end of the semester. We will probably have two more distribution slots this semester once all the apparel comes in. You need to make it to one of these time slots or have a friend/lineage member/in-house sister pick it up for you. Abroad sisters, please arrange for a sister to pick up your apparel for you. We cannot be responsible for storing apparel in the house! Unfortunately, apparel gets taken when it is left out and the apparel chairs cannot be responsible for lost apparel after distribution times. Therefore it will not be left out, and you absolutely need to arrange to get your apparel during distribution times. Thanks!

AOT, Apparel Chairs <3

Other Announcements

The ILR Sports Business Society will be having Katie Tretter, a KD, Omega Chi, of Nielsen as a speaker on Tuesday March 22nd at 4:30pm in Ives 105. She will be joined by her brother on the phone, JC Tretter of the Green Bay Packers​. We welcome everyone to join us, but ask that everyone please sign up on the link provided We are going to be using the bank of questions for both speakers so please if you have a question post it in the form. Invite anyone and everyone you know, they just need to sign the form.