D-day invasion (sea)

what happens (happens)


the battle happened at Normandy france. And it was against the us and france. And the general in command of the invasion on the sea was ran by bernard montgomery because he was the field marshal. And it happend on june,6,1944. The goal was for the allied forces to come at the french nonstop to defeat the french. they made foxholes and camped out and kept coming and the french didnt know what to do. the out come of the battle was that the allied forces finally beat the french because of them coming nonstop. the long lasting impact of the battle was that the allied forces came at the french for 3 days straight untill they finally got the french.

D-day invasion (sea)

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the invasion lasted for 3 days of nonstop us marines jsut coming the french lost

the french are mowing down the us

the french are killng all the us marines and there still coming the us is still coming hard