beginning of WW2

By Matt Lefforge and Frank S.

Why did WW2 start?

Adolf Hitler

wanted more land, especially in the east, to expand Germany according to the Nazi policy of lebensraum. Hitler used the harsh limitations that were set against Germany in the Veriilies Treaty as a pretext for Germany's right to acquire land where German-speaking people lived. Germany successfully used this reasoning to envelop two entire countries without starting a war.

3 Major events of the War were...

-The Germans invading Poland
-Concentration, Death and Work camps were assembled and put into commission
-1,000's of prominent Jews like Albert Einstein left Germany when Hitler became chancellor

What did WW1 one contribute to the start of WW2?

During the end of WW1 Germany was left out of money and was divided up into smaller land not to mention there pride was destroyed. They started taking over small pieces of land before invading Poland and no one really cared it was just until they invaded Poland that rose some suspicion.

Something I found out during my research.

The camps were operative since 1933 but the Americans didn't find them until the end of the war.