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Where to find Peru?

Absolute: 12.0433° W from 77.0283° W

Relative: West from Brazil and south from Colombia

The top 3 tourists attractions

Places and animal life in Peru

Peru has a lot of small towns. Some of them are Mancora, Nazca and Palpa. The animal life in Peru is very large, they have over 1,800 species of birds, 500 species of mammals and over 300 species of reptiles

Regions of Peru

Some regions in Peru are Lima (the capital city), Pasco, Ica, Puno, Junin and Tacna

Some of the best hotels in Peru

How do things move in Peru?

People move: People move in Peru by boat, bus and trams, car, motorcycle and bikes

Goods move: boat, trucks, cars and planes

Ideas move: Call/phone, email, mail and by texting others

How do people affect the environment and how does the environment affect the people

Environment affecting people: air pollution, water pollution and soil erosion.

People affecting the environment: copper, silver, fish, coal, iron ore, gold, natural gas, timber and petroleum