Student Discussion Boards

Laurel Preparatory Academy

A Way to Connect with your Peers.

A "discussion board" is a site where online discussions can be held. Starting this Spring at Laurel Preparatory Academy, all students will participate in discussion boards with their peers. These boards will be grade-specific, and the topics will focus on life themes such as educational goals, healthy living, current events, and more.


-Students will participate in one discussion board per learning period. Due dates will be given far in advance.

-Students will respond to the prompt of the current discussion board thoroughly and thoughtfully.

-Students will review the responses left by their peers and respond to at least two. Responses must adhere to the guidelines of 8 Intriguing Strategies to Continue Discussions.

-Students will cite any ideas that are not their own.

-Students will not post anything that indicates, suggests, or shows pornography, unethical or illegal solicitation, racism, sexism, or inappropriate language.

-Students will be respectful of their peers and teachers and will not bully, harass, insult, or attack others.

How to Access the Discussion Board:

Laurel Prep students will use Schoology, a secure Learning Management System. Please watch the brief video below for instructions on how to access the discussion boards on Schoology.

Middle School Access Code: 72688-7JH8R

How to Access Discussions on Schoology

Our Discussion Board Administrators:

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