Stolen Generation

By-Georgie F

Stolen Generation Questions

Open Questions

How would you feel if you were taken away from your family?

Why do you think we should apologize to the stolen generation?

What do you think the white were trying to achieve?

Do you think an apology means something to these people?

Closed Questions

In what year did the government start taking away these children?

What did the children do when they got taken away?

Why did the government take these children away?

Why didnt the aboriginals force the government to stop doing this?

Were the children taken all over Australia?

Answers to open questions

Me myself I would have felt terribly scared a nervous at what they were going to do to me and how these people were going to treat me. I would also be horrifically sad to see me family go. Because i would be so angry i would just want to tell the government to stop this and try force them to because its ruining children's life.
We white people should definitely apologies to these people because we have separated families and we have done terrible damage to their life. People should never have to got through these things that the government wants to happen.

I think that the government thought they were doing the best for these children and achieving the best but they really weren't. They all thought that they could rule these children and take them away from their families to teach them white mans ways.

I think an apology from us to these people would mean something because its were trying to say that were sorry for what we have done to them and their life. Although we can't take back what others have done to them and can't take away that memory of being taken away. I personally think that the indigenous would forgive us in a way.

Answers to closed questions

The government stopped taking away these half-blood children around 1970's. To be precise they stopped this in 1969 thankfully.
When the children got taken away they either got taken to institutions or they got adopted by non-indigenous people. At the institutions they all got taught the white man’s way and the fathers never taught them aboriginal ways which was disappointing and would have been sad for the children. Another thing that happened when the children got taken away was their identity would be changed and lost and they were to never speak in their own language since they were now classified non-indigenous.
Children got removed from their families because they were half- blood children. This was very unfortunate but it was "OK" to the government. But actually it wasn't and all these children that got taken away were left traumatized, so luckily they stopped this from happening in 1969.
The aboriginals really couldn't do anything to stop the government. They weren't as strong as the government is at ruling things. They also probably couldn't because the government would have just ignored them and kept doing what they were doing because it suited them and didn't care how these people felt.
Children were actually taken all over Australia. In this case a lot of people/ families were probably affected.