Welcome to Clermontopia

Mrs. Clermont's 6th Grade Social Studies Class

New Fun

We have had quite a few missing assignments lately. With the start of the last 6 weeks of school, my social studies classes will working hard at being good citizens of Clermontopia (our classroom). Each student in each hour signed a contract that states that they will work hard and put forth good effort until the end of the school year. They won't give up! If they succeed at doing so, they will be earning the "Clermontopian Badge of Honor" that they can display proudly! I am hoping that if we form a united front, we will end 6th grade on a high note:)

Contract the students signed

Welcome to the Last 6 Weeks

of Social Studies in


In the last 6 weeks of 6th grade, I promise to do my best work and to put forth my best effort in Social Studies‼‼

In doing so I will:

¨ Come to class on time, Ready to learn & Come to class with all my supplies

¨ Have ALL my homework completed on time & to the best of my ability

¨ Use my planner to write down expectations and work

¨ Study for assessments and put effort into performance tasks

¨ Ask questions if I do not understand or if I need clarification

I will participate and will be a first class citizen of Clermontopia. I will earn the Clermontopian Badge of Honor and will be PROUD!

______________________________ ______________________

Name of student Date