2023-2024 Course Selection Process

For current FHS Students

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Course Selection Process

1. Teachers make course recommendations.

2. Your course recommendations are viewable in your Aspen Portal and will be posted as PDFs by the end of the week of February 27th.

3. Have questions about your course recommendations? Have a conversation with your teacher.

4. Use your course recommendation forms or this blank course selection form to prepare for your appointment with your counselor. Please discuss your course recommendations and choices with your parents/guardians/family. By meeting with your counselor, you are confirming that you have made decisions with your parent/guardians/family regarding your courses for next year.

5. Make an appointment with your counselor. All course requests get input to the system at one time, so it does not matter when you have your appointment.

10th & 11th GRADE APPOINTMENTS March 1st- March 31st: Please visit our website and schedule an appointment through your counselor's YouCanBook Me account.

9th GRADE STUDENTS March 31st- April 6th: Students will be meeting with counselors during a counseling lesson to select electives.

Elective Course Considerations:

If you have any questions as to what a course is, please find that information in Framingham High School's Program of Studies. Staffing and scheduling decisions are made based on the course selection of students in the spring. We will work hard to create a master schedule that serves all students based on their requests. We strive to give students their first choices, but they may also receive their alternative courses. Please be sure to put 6 classes that you are interested in taking, as schedule changes will not be possible once schedules are created.

Course Electives that meet a Fine Arts or Practical Arts Requirement: As you review elective options, consider adding electives that meet the graduation requirements by using this table.

Course Level Overrides (current high school students only):

During the Course Selection Process, students and parents who are considering an override to a higher leveled course (ie ACP to Honors) must understand the increased expectations, commit to these expectations, and seek help from the teacher as needed. To initiate the course override process, students must be earning a grade of B or higher in the current subject. After the override process is completed during course selection, no course overrides will be permitted. (Deadline is May 1st, 2023) However, students may engage in the level change process the following academic year. Please see the level change process for more information. Students must also be aware of the academic eligibility policy and be in compliance with this policy to participate in co-curricular activities. The course override form will be made available as part of the course selection process to current high school students only. Course Override form for current FHS Students