Mrs. Hughes News

See your hungry caterpillars in action

Spring is here!

This week our class pulled in all of our core subjects to learn about The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. Within our close reading we are doing fruit fractions in math, vocabulary in language arts, and nutrition month and spring for science. This will be a great introduction into life cycle we will be learning about soon.

What is close reading?

It requires students to get truly involved with the text they are reading. The purpose is to teach them to notice features and language used by the author.They are not just reading but are engaged and making connections in the story.

Taking a bite out of vocabulary

The students are using their marks from the close reading to find words that are unfamiliar to them.
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Smell the roses

The children made flowers to decorate the room with.

What are you eating?

For National Health month the students learned about what is healthy eating. They were asked to work in small groups to make a collage of all the healthy foods. Then they wrote about their findings.

Nature walk

While learning about spring the students went for a nature walk around the school. We talked about the season changing and observed nature.

Fruit Fractions

While learning about fractions this week, the children used the fruit from the story to make equal parts.

Getting Healthy Inch By Inch

Mrs. Hughes class was hungry for some fruit salad. The students each brought in their favorite type of fruit. In their writing journals they had to describe the fruit they brought in; color, taste, texture and more. Then they presented the clues to the class. The other children then had to guess what type of fruit they described.
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Beautiful Blossoming Butterflies

At the beginning of the week the children were so eager to read the book The Hungry Caterpillar. Little did they know that they would be doing more than just listening to a story. They have learned so much this week by reading, writing, math and other hands on activities. They have ended this week as beautiful, full of knowledge butterflies.

... And to think they all started as little caterpillars.