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Graphic Novels have shipped!

Although not all parents and teachers love them, a lot of kids, especially our struggling readers, seem to really like the graphic novels, also known as Manga. We have a lot of fictional GN, but my order of non-fiction and GN based on some classics will be here soon. If you're curious about them, come down in another week or so and we should have them processed and ready to go!

For all you readers out there who are looking or book suggestions, I recommend you check out It is considered a social networking site, so you'll have to override the filter if you access it at school, but once you log in, you can find all sorts of suggestions based on books you have already liked. You can even follow me on it if you'd like - I always like having more friends!

Here's another great website, but this one is simply about education, not books. It was created by the George Lucus Educational Foundation is dedicated to transforming the learning process by helping educators use strategies that encourage students to use such skills as thinking critically, accessing and anaylzing information, creative problem solving, working collaboratively and communicating with clarity and impact. They have blogs, videos, newletters, online articles, classroom guides and more. I follow them on Pinterest and they have wonderful ideas (I especially like their infographics!). In the new era of Common Core, its great to have a resource like Edutopia that gives us great inspiration and ideas!

My internship officially begins!

As I've probably mentioned before, I'm finishing up my coursework to become a bone-ified media specialist. In the middle of this month, my internship commences! I've got a list of things I'd like to accomplish in the next few months, and if you'd be willing to let me teach your students about being ethical digital citizens or if I could help you bring a more multi-media approach to a lesson or unit, please let me know! The more experience I have, the better! I would love to give you a list of credible websites students can explore for units coming up and if you'd be so brave and wild as to collaborate with me, I'd love to work with you to incorporate technology lessons and media standards into your curriculum. Think about it...

Talk with us! Ask us! We want to help!

Elizabeth is here: 7:15-1pm

Mary is here: 8:30-3pm