The Gatsby Gazette

By Amanda C., Aaron H. & Devlyn C.

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The Art of the Roaring 20s

Several different styles of dance have become extremely popular, created in order to let loose and become more optimistic during a time of post-war after World War I had ended in 1918. Since these dances are meant to be fun and loose, they include energetic movements and complex arm and leg action.

The kind of music that appeals to the youth is not as appealing to the older crowd; they see jazz as more of a better taste of music. This is because of the energetic style of the dance, the nightclubbing and the venues used to have the parties.

Interestingly enough, during the beginning of 20th century, the dances of the Waltz and the Tango were considered scandalous because of the non-conservative style where physical contact is involved between the two partners. Once these dances first took off in France’s City of Lights (Paris), they were almost immediately inhabited by America and soon became extremely popular around the country.

The dances have begun to appear in Hollywood movies due to the popularity of the dance fads. After that they started to appear in the films, the music used for the dances have been transferred from phonographs to radio broadcasts before they were presented to nightclub dance floors and school gymnasiums. Schools teach small children how to do the dances, and churches use them to attract the youth. A variety of dance styles such as the Tango, Foxtrot, Camel Walk, and even the Square dance are popular amongst the young people of America.

Books and magazines that cover social dancing and other social activities that are related became very popular. Dance schools have begun teaching their students all the latest dance crazes. The dance etiquette that was inherited from the 19th century became modified to fit the current era. Parents who are able to pay for lessons are sending their children to learn Tap and Ballet dance. Dance has become such a big part of the social norm that marathons occur every weekend with the longest ever recorded being 3 weeks of dancing.

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Love Affair Goes Wrong

Last evening this Saturday night ended in a ruthless tragedy. Witnesses report there was a hit and run involving a yellow vehicle. From lots of talk with witnesses, the husband, and the former suspect, we believe we have found our true suspect. As this awful death may have been bad enough, there may have been an underlying factor explaining it all.

On the night of the crime scene, a man named Tom Buchanan's arrived at the scene and disclosed information that would explain this. Tom, a friend and regular customer of the Wilsons, walked to the scene and immediately approached the grieving husband. Instantly there was a quarrel because Mr. Wilson saw Tom driving a yellow vehicle, although it quickly calmed down after he explained he was borrowing the car and he had his normal blue car with him. Officials and the husband then interviewed Tom and then understood that this car belonged to the infamous Gatsby.

Although this hit and run may seem bad enough, there is so much more to the story. Mr. Wilson disclosed that his wife had been cheating on him with another bad. Tom and Wilson pieced together these string of events and concluded an idea of what may have happened. The Wilsons just announced they were going to move soon, when the lover hear the news, he must have been angry. Feeling like she was running away from him, drunken Gatsby must have been so overworked from the alcohol he had consumed that night, Tom reported.

After much talk, a question came up. “Where did he get all of his money?” Suddenly all the answers came flooding in by witnesses and people loosely related. There have been many stories, but only one has come up multiple times and that is that the “Great Gatsby” is a gangster. Further research conducted by the authorities shows he is involved with gaining his money through illegally opening drug stores and working with known crooks. We have concluded that the possibility of him killing a man in this line of business would not be a surprise, therefore what would stop him from doing the same with the poor victim, Myrtle. In depth investigation is currently undergoing against Mr. Jay Gatsby.

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The Stock Market and the Eventual Crash

The stock market has had a huge boom ever since the tax legislation passed by both President Harding and President Coolidge allowing dividends to rise 108 percent although there have been scares where some people have reported losing thousands in a single day from stocks although not confirmed along with organized gangs laundering money by purchasing stocks and bonds to protect it. Going into the Stock market is easily enterable with volumes purchasable in order to understand the workings of the cutthroat business were a wrong investment may lead to losing large amounts of funds.

A friend of the late Gatsby who has been recognized as a Bondsman by his coworkers had made an entrance to the booming business living next door to the legend although nowhere to be found after Gatsby's funeral his landlord had informed us that he had already left the city bound for the west. With this seemingly unstopping growth in the stock market could there possibly be a crash in the near future and the end of upshot wealth and arise a new problem that won't go away so easily.

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