Italy And Haiti

Basic Information


-Haiti: current population now is 10.23 million.

-Age structure from 0-14 yrs: 34%(male 1,701,559) / female 1,693,236 ages 15-24 yrs: 21%(male 1,078) / female 1,081,005 ages 25-54 yrs: 35.3% (male 1,755,722) female 1,776,386 ages 55-64 yrs. 5% (male 241,174) female 263,369 and ages 65 yrs and over 4.1% (male 183,627) female 227,659

-There age expectancy is 62.70 yrs.

-Most people in Haiti live in the city of Port-Au-Prince which has 1,234,742 people.

-Population over time had their dreams of change have failed to become reality. Its failure and disappointment have led to crisis which continues to destroy society and they now and will continue to face bigger and badder challenges over time including natural disasters, weak economy, less food and water, and HIV.

-The looks of it to me for future population its going to keep decreasing because of a lack of food, clean water, and other diseases that keep getting passed around.

-Their supply of food is pretty much gone because of the earthquake that happened back then. This effects the population because people will die of starvation.

-The health concerns are bad in Haiti, they have all types of diseases that kill many people, some of these diseases are HIV/ AIDS, Dengue Fever and Cholera.

-The Cholera was another disease they had going around and it was causing an outbreak that killed thousands.

-The environmental problem Haiti had/ or has is before the earthquake they had there was 60% of forest and today they only have 2% of that forest left. The loss of trees causes huge soil erosion problems threatening both food and clean water sources.

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