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Lara Harrison& Ben Sweet~WJ&A

White, Jacobs & Associates Inc. is a Professional Consumer Group.

You have seen the success after working with WJ&A to help your customers with less than perfect credit. You took the leap of faith in working with our company and believing in our areas of expertise and the ability to help your customers restore their credit and improve their credit portfolio.

Surely you have someone that could benefit and are in need of our services; send me someone I can reach out to and help.

Also, know you can always use us for a Resource and Credit Expert should you have questions that need an immediate answer on future decisions that involve credit issues. We are here for you.

The people at WJ&A

We pride ourselves on the Tremendous Investigative Research Team we have that work our Client's files! In our opinion ,they are hands down the Best in the Industry and think outside the box to go that extra step to ensure success for our Clients.

Since we have an Advocate Level to our process, it gives us the ability to take it to an elevated level; as well as the capacity to tap into Mr. Swartz' or Mr. Traynor's knowledge by sitting down with them and asking questions or simply getting advice for our Clients.

Our unique people and superior services equal success for our Clients!

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Lara Harrison

Director of Business Development & Sr. Consumer Credit Analyst


Ben Sweet

Chief of Client Relations & Consumer Credit Analyst