AT Update

March 6. 2015

3rd Grade Math

This week, we are continuing our work with fractions. Students are learning about comparing different sized wholes, comparing fractions using benchmark fractions, and making equivalent fractions.

Please note: Our class during the week on March 9th will be shortened due to PARCC testing. Homework will be started (and hopefully completed) in class.

4th Grade Math

This week, students continued examining word problems. We reviewed situation and solution equations as well as key words for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Our test is on Monday, March 9th. Our next unit is on measurement and may look slightly different than our current workbook. We are piloting another math series (Go Math) for this chapter and I will teach it side by side with our Math Expressions unit.

Class will continue as normal next week with PARCC testing. I will try to give students time in class to get their homework completed to lighten their load during testing.

AT Reading

This week, third graders worked on their career presentations. We also began Lesson 11 for both third and fourth graders. Fourth graders had CogAt testing this week so they were only with us for their presentations. They have additional work to complete when they can during the day this week as PARCC testing will interrupt our reading classes.

Both third and fourth grade students have independent study work to complete in their classrooms while PARCC testing is going on since their teachers may teach reading at a different time than usual.