APP E Tiser

App tasting sessions for busy teachers at Emerton PS

Every 2nd Thursday (even weeks) Roberto will be in the Connected Classroom to demonstrate some cool and amazing apps for iPads!

Watch this Flyer to see which apps will be demonstrated during each session.

Friday 29th November - 3:20pm - The Apple TV & Some Aurasma Excitement

We are meeting this Friday as I am away at a course on Thursday - but with the Apple TVs coming in to each room next week, I wanted to App-E-Tise before the rollout. Each room will be getting an Apple TV over the next week. This amazing device allows you to share content wirelessly to your data projector from iPads, iPhones, iPods and Mac computers. We will look at the setup and running of the Apple TV in your room. Also - it is FINALLY here. No, I'm not talking about the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who.... It is Aurasma being reliable and wonderful and gorgeous! Come and check out what all the fuss is about - and get ready to augment reality!!!!

Thursday 14th November - 3:20pm - Check out Simple Transfer and Tellagami

Simple Transfer is a free app that allows you to move photos and videos from an ipad to a computer. As the name says - It is simple. Come along on Thursday 14th November at 3:20 in the Connected Classroom to see how it works and try it out. I will also show you Tellagami. A new great app that creates talking animations. Fantastic for Writing, Speaking and Listening, HSIE, Maths or WHATEVER!