SPED PAC Newsletter

Volume 5 Number 1

Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SPED PAC)

To support students with special needs and their families to successfully navigate the support services offered by Knox County Schools and the surrounding community.

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KCS Fall 2020

If My Child Attends Virtual Learning (With an IEP or 504) What Will That Look Like?

Our district is committed to providing free and appropriate educational opportunities for students with disabilities. During this public health crisis, we will continue to work with families to meet the needs of our students while following public health guidelines. Families will have the option of virtual programming if they choose to not have their student attend in-person.

The reopening plan includes the following measures related to Special Education:

  • Knox County Schools will continue to provide families the opportunity to meaningfully participate in the IEP / 504 processes. Staff will work with families to determine if virtual or in-person meetings are appropriate.
  • Accommodations and modifications are provided regardless of the educational setting. The IEP / 504 teams will work collaboratively with families to identify alternative solutions if it is determined an accommodation or modification is not appropriate or successful in a particular setting.
  • If an IEP / 504 team determines that a student requires a device other than a Chromebook, KCS will provide an alternative device option.
  • If a student utilizes the virtual learning program, special education teachers and Section 504 case managers will continue to work closely with general education teachers and / or students to support all provisions, such as accommodations and / or modifications.
Special Education Summary


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District-Wide Chromebook Initiative (1:1 Schools Initiative)

In May of 2020, the Board of Education approved a 1:1 plan that will make a Chromebook computer available to every KCS student in Grades K-12, starting in August.

This initiative was made possible by federal funding provided through the CARES Act, and will enable teachers to enhance their instruction through the use of technology. By making computers available to every student, we believe the district will have more flexibility to continue teaching during unusual circumstances, such as a weather event or a closure due to illness. Equally important, we believe that even during normal operations the availability of Chromebooks will provide new learning opportunities and prepare students to succeed in a world where technology plays such an important role.

Although many of our students can benefit from the use of a Chromebook, some parents have expressed concern about the appropriateness for their child's specific needs. We actually have the devices that case managers recommended and those will be available to schools when all the other devices are deployed.

Electronic Device Insurance forms

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Tips for Supporting Yourself During the Pandemic

Although it is always important to see to the needs of your children, as a caregiver, you must also care for yourself as well. If you are not mentally and physically healthy, it is difficult to care for those who need you most.

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Tools for Success: Technology to Support Young Adults with Disabilities at College and on the Job

Wednesday, Aug. 26th, 2-3:30pm

This is an online event.

This workshop will feature a wide range of technology to support youth with disabilities at college and on the job. Demonstrations will include tools and apps for executive function, computer access, reading, writing, and notetaking.

Tools for Success

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