Mrs. G's Classroom News

May 29, 2015

Classroom Management

There are 9 more days of school left. I am going to miss everyone so much!

Language Arts

This week we have been working on revising, editing and publishing our non-fiction writing pieces on expert topics of our choice. Many student are typing their final piece out using weebly websites.

For reading we have experienced some online non-fiction reading with topics that relate to our science unit. We used and We took notes, answered questions, explored vocabulary and left a thoughtful response. We also compared the two sites to see which was more enjoyable to read and discover information. Most students preferred!

No spelling this week due to M-step testing.


We took the M-step math tests this week. Again the students amazed me with their stamina and positive attitudes. We also worked on 9-4 and 9-5. The partial products algorithm is tough, but as soon as the kids got it they were excited for the challenge. If you would like to see how the algorithm works to help your child at home you can view this video at: It really helps us grown ups figure out this method since it is nothing like what we grew up learning! We will test for unit 9 the last week of school.

Social Studies

Miss Massard introduced economic concepts and vocabulary in social studies this week.


Today was Wood Frog day! We experienced stations that helped us understand and witness animal adaptations, physical characteristics, behaviors and life cycles. We had 5 frog friends visit our classroom that Mrs. G and her daughter caught themselves! We will have our test on Living Things on Tuesday or Wednesday next week. Look for a study guide coming home Monday.

Upcoming Events

June 5th - Field Day

June 9th - Website Gallery Dessert Night 6:30-8pm Media Center

See Sign-up Genius at :

June 10th - Last day of school 1/2 day