Charlie's Surgery

Charlie shouldn't have gotten his surgery

There are many risks your taking to be picked for the surgery. Your friends will be scared of you, you could move away and never see any of your friends or Miss Kinnian again, and you could end up dying. So I hope you do not choose to go threw with your idea of raising your IQ from a surgery.


Your friends might leave you or not invite you to any more parties. They would be scared of what you have become. Think to yourself if you would know someone and they became much smarter in a short time would you be scared? They wouldn't want you to even work with them. They could get you fired. This is only one of the reasons you should not continue with the surgery.

You may move away

Another reason is that people will feel sorry for you. Miss Kinnian will start to feel sorry for you. Do you want to be with someone that feels sorrow for you all the time? The only way is to move and start a new life where no one knows you just because of the surgery. Sure, getting the surgery will make you more intelligent but at what cost is it? Do you really want to move and begin a new life? You will miss all of your friends and Miss Kinnian. Here is another reason the surgery is a risk.


The surgery may lead to death. Algernon had this affect happen to him. Is the surgery really worth it? You where happy before the surgery so it doesn't matter you take the chance of taking the surgery. You doing it could lead to death making people feel sad and sorry. Or say you don't die your just gonna loose the intelligence and still have the people you care about feel sorry for you. So for any outcome people will feel sorry for you.
So now you can see the the risks outweigh the possibilities of you just to become smarter. If you like taking big chances like death or losing all of friends the surgery would be a good idea for you.
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