Natalia Autobiography

All About Me!!!


Hi my name is Natalia.I was born November 23,2006. I have 1 pet dog . I have 1 little brother.I go to school at Joe k. bryant elementry. When i was a baby i was allergic to eggs but i am not allergic to eggs now.I have 5 trophies from playing soccer. I am a white belt I know its the lowest belt its because I just started TakWonDo. I am going to test for my yellow belt on December.When I grow up I want to be a scientist.My favorite food is pizza and my dad's homemade hamburger's.My best friends are Jasmine,Alexa,Alexis,Claire,and Laurie.My favorite kind of animal is a dog. My brother and I always fight.
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My favorite things to do is to pet a lot of dogs.I also like to play soccer.My other favorite thing to do is to do TakWonDo.I like to do science expirements.
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Fun Facts

When i was a baby my dad and mom took me out for breakfast and my dad gave me eggs and this is the funny part my face turn red like a TOMATO and that's how my dad figured out I was allergic to eggs.In 2nd grade we had field day It was so so so so so so so so so so much FUN!!! One summer my family and I went to cancun .My dad and i got on the zipline and landed on the water .It was COOL!!! My 1st day of 2nd grade was awesome because I met a lot of friends. In 2nd grade we had 3 field trips 2 to the high school and 1 to Denton. It was awesome!!! On my 8th birthday it was amazing because my mom and dad took me somewhere they bought me a puppy. So, when we were going back home my puppy was crying and so was I because I didn't want him to cry.So, we parked somewhere so my dad can come in the back with me . So, after that my mom drove back home .When we got home everything was all set up for my birthday . We named my puppy Max.My favorite youtube show is Stampy cat.