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Antrim Elementary October 15, 2021

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Weekly Update from Mrs. Syre-Hager

Here we are in the middle of October, and a lot of fun and exciting learning activities are happening here at AES. I hope the newsletter affords you the opportunity to peek into our world.

As we know, fall weather can be unpredictable, so we are asking that your child come dressed to school so that they are comfortable in the weather. We spend a lot of time outside! Please note, our school handbook outlines that students need to wear shoes with backs, so please have them wear safe and secure shoes daily. Additionally, if they have PE, they should be wearing sneakers.

Halloween is coming up, and we will have a parade at 1:45 on October 29th. Your child's teacher will send out information about expectations for the day as time gets closer. Plan on sending Halloween costumes in a bag so that they can change into their costumes after lunch.

Trick or Treat Hours in Antrim

Sunday, October 31, 2021

5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Today was Fire Prevention Day at AES, and our school mascot, Blaze, made an appearance too. The Antrim Fire Department presented fire safety information to everyone in the school, and students were provided with resources to share with their families. Check out the photo below of students practicing "Stop, drop, and roll." They also brought along a special guest, Smokey Bear. We send many thanks to our presenters: Fire Chief Marshall Gale, Assistant Fire chief Tom Beaumont, Firefighters Dick Atkinson and Kevyn Torunski, and Police Sargeant John Blake. We are all working together to promote a safe community.

Lastly, I want to make a heartfelt shoutout to the staff at AES for being so flexible and dedicated to the students. We are finding this year (surprisingly) to be one of the most challenging we've ever had. However, the staff does whatever needs to be done for the benefit of the students. I really need you to know how hard everyone has been working, and how much we appreciate your support and kindness as we navigate these challenging times together. The AES community is quite special, and I am honored every day to be a part of it.

Best wishes for a lovely weekend,


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A Note from Mrs. Storro

Mrs Hill’s third and fourth grade students created these 3D models of The Rock Cycle in collaboration with Mrs. Storro.

Wild Things in Library Learning Commons

How important is children's literature? When are you too old to enjoy a good picture book? Why should we promote reading this form of literature?

Everyone has their favorites and those favorites are meant to be read more than once. Sometimes our students think these books are just for the younger students, when the exact opposite is true. These high-quality pieces of literature contain excellent messages that can offer a number of different perspectives. These stories can be broken down and lead to worthy life-skill discussions. Children's literature is a form of art that can be appreciated by all, regardless of age. It promotes deep thinking and a sense of ownership to your own beliefs. If our children are struggling readers, proficient readers, have short attention spans, or just want to enjoy a good read now and then, let's promote picking up a picture book and look at what it can offer. This kindergarten student's favorite book is Where the Wild Things Are.

We are learning what all good readers do. Some of the vocabulary all grades are being introduced to... Predictions-What is going to happen? Connections-What's in common? (Text to Self and Text to Text) Visualizing-Making a picture in your head. Inferencing-What did the author/illustartor say without saying it? Questioning-"I wonder why/what." These are things we are constantly already doing everyday.

Eruptions in Mrs. Hill's Class

Mrs Hill’s class is learning about the rock cycle. They have studied the attributes of the three main types of rocks: igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary. We erupted volcanoes to learn more about igneous rocks. Mrs. Storro helped us to make 3 dimensional models to represent what we have learned.

If you need a winter coat, please contact Nurse Mellon.

PTO News

The next PTO meeting will be on Thursday, October 28th at 7 pm. We are hoping to have an in person option in the Multipurpose room as well as the ZOOM option. We will be discussing late fall and early winter events which include the Scholastic Book Fair. Hope to see you there!


Picture Day is Coming November 5th

AES Picture Day is right around the corner. AES's Picture Day is Friday, November 5th in the morning. You can order pictures online at Lifetouch or send your order and money to school by using the envelope provided on the Picture Day flyer that is being sent home. If you don't receive an order form, please let the office know and we will get one to you.

Outside learning with Miss Lescarbeau

Miss Lescarbeau's class has been enjoying learning about Letterland outside. We worked with Mrs. Storro to decorate bags to bring our supplies outside with us. We have really enjoyed learning in the morning sun and fresh air. We have now met all of the main 26 Letterlanders and are excited to learn more about each of them.

Science in Mrs. Moore's Class

Mrs. Moore's 3rd Grade has been really busy wondering, observing, noticing, and sharing ideas in science. Students have started Wonder Journals where they spend time studying something simple closely, then asking questions about it, and finally seeking answers through discussion, research, or experiments. Students have studied their own hands, natural objects in the woods, and pictures of jellyfish. The idea is to build curiosity and generate questions to explore as real scientists do through observation. This week the class began studying clouds by looking at a weather phenomenon of an ice the middle of the Mexico! Using Mystery Science they will continue to explore clouds, the water cycle, and weather. With the help of Ms. M, the district math coach, they are learning to engage in Accountable Talk to share their ideas and listen to each other. Pictured here are notes of one discussion about clouds, it includes student ideas that build upon other ideas that individuals or pairs shared. It also includes respectful disagreements. It is exciting to hear students share their thoughts!

A Time Honored Tradition

The first grade shared our insect body parts song during our all school assembly this week. It is a time honored tradition…ask your child to share the song with you!!
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Have a great weekend!