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The PE Newsletter

Hi Goodrich families!

This newsletter is just to inform you which classes won the

OCTOBER Golden Sneaker Award

and which students were selected as the

OCTOBER P.E. All Stars!

Now that I have all the pumpkins and ghosts hanging on the wall, I could update the All Star picture and send out the good news!

Thanks! Have a great week!

The OCTOBER Golden Sneaker Award

At the end of each month two classes (more if there is a tie!) will be awarded the Golden Sneaker Award!

One award will be given to a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade class and the other award will be given to a 4th, 5th, or 6th grade class.

A class can earn this award by simply wearing their gym shoes EVERYDAY they have P.E.! Whenever the entire class has gym shoes for P.E., they get a point - at the end of the month the two classes that have the most points WIN!! They get a trophy to keep in the classroom for the next month, their class picture hanging on the wall, and a "choice day" where they get to pick an activity to play in P.E.!

3rd Grade - Mrs. Schneider's Class

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5th Grade - Miss Doranski's Class

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P.E. All Stars!

This is something I have done every year with 1st-6th grade since I began teaching here at Goodrich. Each month I pick a couple students in each class that I feel have been "All Stars."

Previously we had 4 categories: Active Listening, Cooperation, Following Directions, and displaying Personal Best Effort.

However, this year I am just sticking with the school-wide rules of:

- Being Respectful

- Being Responsible

- Being Safe

(and of course I continue to look for best effort) :)

I look for these things everyday and make little notes to myself on my class lists, that way at the end of the month I have the information I need when selecting who will be the new P.E. All Stars!

The students selected as All Stars get a certificate to take home and a shape with their name on it to hang on the wall of the gym that will stay up all year long! Each month I select a different color and a different shape, so by the end of the year our All Star wall is very colorful!

August/September P.E. All Stars:

  • 1st Grade:

Colin Hughes, Nevaeh Porter, Ava Flynn, Lucas Swistak, Dane Flinker, Michelle Ivanova Rockovitz

  • 2nd Grade:

Jaden Kolbeck, Megha Nambisan, Kristy Huerta, Liam O'Brien

  • 3rd Grade:

Tyson Robinson, Alyssa Walters, Cassia Bonga, Christian Meulner

  • 4th Grade:

Kayley Creagan, Chase Flinker, Lindsey Ahn, Sal Delgado, Ugne Maizesius, Andres Sanchez

  • 5th Grade:

Lily Besler, Grant Henderson, Andrew Kuzma, Gretchen Nelson

  • 6th Grade:

Manpreet Dhillon, Blake Lietz, Kyle Miller, Georgia Patrick

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